Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Cheats PC/XBOX 360

READ DESCRIPTION This is PC gameplay of me using cheats I have found 2 pc cheat codes: 1y3a4x2b442x 3311xbxby11y More cheats here: www.videogamer.com To cheat on PC you can use an xbox 360 controller and enter the cheat codes for xbox 360. To cheat you must start a game and pause it then whilst holding RB enter: A, A, B, B, X, X, Y, Y, A, B, X, Y – Super Ragdoll Strength LS, LS, A, RS, RS, B, LS, LS, X, RS, RS, Y – GI JOHN DOE Mode X, B, X, B, LS, LS, Y, A, Y, A, RS, RS – 3rd Person Mode When i find the codes for PC I will type them above the xbox codes, if you know them please post them in the comments and I will test them before updating the description. – Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Cheats PC/XBOX 360 – Cheat Codes

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