Mars: War Logs Trainer

cheats – DOWNLOAD FROM CHEATHAPPENS.COM! Video demonstrating options from the Mars: War Logs trainer by Options in the full trainer include Infinite Health, Fluid, Add EXP, Reset Spent Skill Points/Feat Points, Add Serum, Refill Quickbar Items/Ammo, Become a God, One Hit Kills, Increase/Decrease Game Speed, Edit Increased Health Bonus, Fluid Bonus, Health Reg Out of Battle, Health Reg Per Second, Fluid Reg Per Second, Physical Damage Reduction, Electrical Damage Reduction, Physical Damage (Attack), Physical Damage (Guard-Break), Damage From Surprise Attacks, Damage From Nailgun, Damage From Traps, Handmade Bomb Damage, Chance of Critical Hit, Chance of Critical Hit (Electric Arc), Chance of Critical Hit (Nailgun), Chance of Stunning, Chance of Stunning (Shockwave), Chance of Wounding (Nailgun). Made exclusively for Cheat Happens – Mars: War Logs Trainer – CHEAT CODE

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