Kingdom Hearts 2 Cheat Codes Version 3

Here’s the website, where I found all the cheats- Here’s the cheats in order- 3 Normal Soras (hold down R2) AX9B-E5KA-MUB40 H13K-P8GV-A8ZUY RB4C-2QBQ-BUAU8 FAXP-T72U-QXAQW 8HZ0-FE6Q-KT6JE for this code you have to put Riku in your party and it should give 2 Soras and a Riku Oathkeeper is replaced by Mickey’sgoldenkeyblade FNYH-FGRU-BQKX8 MC7V-GUPP-9999E Edge of Ultima WEAPON KWYQ-1D8A-VY8NT WQW2-PTTE-AXHBX Must activate both codes to be ABLE to battle!!!! Xemnas replaces Donald (MUST use FACEDOWN REACTION TO BE ABLE TO FIGHT) GANB-VGRF-22UJZ 6CX3-81DD-5FMT7 Circle is Face down Reaction in Shortcut Menu KPZF-3E3Z-ZZ7HM WEZC-B8HC-EXN7M Songs:From Yesterday by 30 Seconds to Mars The Ghost Of You by My Chemical Romance – Kingdom Hearts 2 Cheat Codes Version 3 – Cheat Codes

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