Facebook Candy Crush Saga Cheats (Working 4_4_2013)

cheats – This is a cheat for candy crush saga on facebook this cheat only works with the firefox web browser witch you can get here http://www.filecenter.eu/?p=55 and you can get the cheat here http://www.filecenter.eu/?p=55 This cheat gives you unlimited lives and bonus sweets eg lolly pops paint brush teath bomb timers the only thing it doesnnamp;#39;t give you is extra train tickets. This is the best cheat / hack i have used on this game and as soon as facebook fix it the cheat is working again in under a day. extra tags – Facebook Candy Crush Saga Cheats (Working 4_4_2013) – CHEAT CODE

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the link for download is in the page, find it!