Download Resident Evil 5 +10 Trainer and Table

This is a trainer, not a table ? Yes and No! It’s a table with Script and Form.
1.Just change the file extension to CETRAINER! You’ve got a trainer.

2.Remove the lua script and table/form in CE or in Notepad.You’ve got a clean table.

3.See the Interface:

1. Infinite Health (Walkthrough+Mercenary)
2. Infinite Ammo (Walkthrough+Mercenary)
3. Infinite Vehicle HP (Chapter 2-3)
4. Disable Vehicle Overheat (Chapter 2-3)
5. Add Money 20K (Buy Menu)
6. Add Points 10K (Bonus Features)
7. Increase Mercenary Time
8. Decrease Mercenary Time
9. Increase Mercenary Combo
10.End Current Mercenary Mission