Clash of Clans Halloween Event

Clash Of Clans – Get ready for the HALLOWEEN EXTRAVAGANZA ✔ Magic is in the air! You can now create spells faster than ever before ✔ Tricks! Brand new Pumpkin Bombs available for limited time only ✔ Treats! We increased the amount of gems in some gem packages ✔ Witches and Monsters! Training cost of Wizards, Dragons and PEKKAs decreasedTown Hall level 9 added!✔ New defensive turret: the X-Bow! This weapon shoots bolts of Elixir with a super fast rate of fire ✔ New spell: Jump! Boost your troops over enemy walls. Upgrading the Jump Spell allows even Giants and PEKKAs to jump over walls ✔ PEKKA has a fearsome new look that can be unlocked by upgrading her to level 3 ✔ New upgrade levels for Cannons, Mortars, Wizard Towers, Spell Factory, Mines, Collectors and StoragesBug fixes and other changes ✔ Find your biggest rivals with Clan Search ✔ Removed the option to sell buildings ✔ Fixed rare bug that caused build times to be off-sync with shield times ✔ Fixed a bug that caused player and alliance trophy counts to be displayed differently Some other changes included as well in the update: -Tweaks to loot you gain from attacking lower town halls. – Clash of Clans Halloween Event – Clash Of Clans Cheat Codes

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