Call of Duty Black Ops 15th Prestige Hack (PC PS3 XBOX360)

CHEAT – second install the gpd on spare account 3rd load and enjoy Download Updated GPD here: (Official Website) Black Ops Zombies Mods Updated Full Instruction Inside Files To Setup Mods Enjoy;while its still not patch. God Mode; Super Jump; Infinite Ammo; Rainbow Vision; Under/Outside the Map; Super-Speed; Ice Skate and Black Box Terry’s Milk Chocolate hack! Enjoy Instructions: Back Button: Activates paintball mode bullet tracers god mode burst fire cooldown 0 (auto m16;g11) Player speed increased Unlimited Ammmo Unlimited Sprint 1 views | 0 comments Click here to watch the video () Submitted By: CallOfDutyHak Tags: Zombies

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