Megapolis Cheats

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Demolishing Buildings

You must pay to have buildings demolished and the income generated from them will stop. Before you are able to construct a new building in it’s place you will also have to pay for the rubble removal of the demolished building.

Megapolis Forrested Area Cheats

Remember that if you want to build on a forested area the trees will need to be cleared out first which is a service that you will need to pay for. Doing this will also decrease the level of ecology in the area.

Megapolis City Happines Cheats

Increase Mega City happiness by placing parks and schools in a central location around residential buidings.

Megapolis Power Plants Cheats

Increase the amount of power consumption by building more power plants. Then maximize the power plants by upgrading so they generate even more power.

Megapolis Faster Construction Cheats

If you train extra workers you will be able to construct buildings and get upgrades faster.

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