Lego Star Wars 3 The Clone Wars Beta -Achievements

More Lego Star Wars 3 Cheat Codes: Here are all Achievements again: Stud Muffin: Collect 1000000 studs 10 Rounds: Be on the winning team 10 times Biggest Baddest Bricker: Placed the winning brick on a III statue Blue Shadow Virus: Jar Jar`s head in Padme`s body Order 66: Sidious`s head on clone body Bane`s Escape: Cad Bane`s head on Clone body My Kind of Scum: Leia`s head on Boba Fett`s body Short For A Clone Trooper: Lukes`s head on Clone body I Am Your Father: Luke`s head on Vader`s body Sith Master: Unlock at least five Siths Scared The Brick Out Of Me: Made 100 Clones Poo Stud Muffin: Collect 500000 studs 1 Round: Be on the winning team Clone Commander: Unlock Fox, Rex, and Cody Clone Captain: Unlock 3 Clones Jedi Master: Unlock at least seven Jedi Battle Of Geonosis: Unlock Yoda Sith Apprentice: Unlock at least one Sith Intergalactic: Visit nine planets or ships Lair Of Grievous: Unlock Grievous Bounty Hunter: Unlock a Bounty Hunter Explorer: Visit six planets or ships Bridge To Somewhere: Activated a holobridge on Rylth Stair Master: Add a brick to some stairs Jedi Knight: Unlock at least three Jedi Padawan: Unlock at least one Jedi Glutton For Punishment: Fell into the pit on Ryloth 10 times Wanderer: Visit three planets or ships Stud Muffin: Collect 100000 studs Human Cyborg Relations: Unlock a droid Clone Sergeant: Unlock 2 Clones Shiny Badge: Shiny and new, just like you – Lego Star Wars 3 The Clone Wars Beta -Achievements – Cheat Codes

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