Cheats for GTA 5

cheats – Comprehensive list of Cheats For GTA 5 Download from: The comprehensive list below contains the list of cheats for gta 5 that you will get from the downloadable file Weapons, Health, Armor & ‘Player’ Cheats, Weapons cheat(s), Health cheat, Body armort ,(kill the player) Money Cheat, Infinite health, Infinite ammo, Infinite oxygen (swimming underwater,), Adrenaline mode, =============================================================== Misc. Cheats, Speed Up Time, Speed Up Gameplay, Slow Down Gameplay, Change character/outfit, Change weather, Pedestrians hate you, Pedestrians Riot, Increased gore, Women follow you, All traffic lights are green, Mega punch mode, Moon jump ============================================================ Wanted Level/Cops Cheats, Increase Wanted Level, Lower Wanted Level, Remove Wanted Level, Never wanted, ========================================================= Vehicle Cheats, , Blow up all cars, Invisible cars, Great handling vehicles, Flying cars, Spawn a tank (or other misc vehicles), All cars are pink/black/other color, Cars can drive on water, Big Wheels,, Huge bunny hops on bicycles, Auteur : dm_51e00ef6ce580 Tags : cheats for gta5 gta 5 cheats download cheats for gta xbox 360 Envoyé : 12 juillet 2013 Note :0.0 Votes :0 – Cheats for GTA 5 – CHEAT CODE

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